We have put together a list of answers to your most frequently asked questions.

About us

What is Global Exchange?

Global Exchange is a Spanish Company, leader in foreign exchange nationwide and the third in the world, rendering service to private individuals in their trips for business or pleasure. 

Our company is located in the main airports, hotels and shopping centres of 20 countries, serving over 4.8 million Customers a year. Besides, in Spain, we are offering an online currency exchange service, with home delivery or collection at Correos (Spanish postal service), for a wide range of foreign currencies.

Online money orders

Is the exchange rate at the branches the same as online? Do you charge any commission? Do I have to send some sort of document to place my order? I have already placed my order, where and how will I receive my currency? Can I cancel an online order? Do I have to be home or drop by Correos to collect my order? Can I return an order that I have picked up already? What happens if I have some leftover currency after my trip?

Travel money at branches

Do you charge any commission? What payment methods do you accept at your branches? 


Do I get Avios exchanging my currency with Global Exchange? I submitted my Iberia Plus card in my transaction, but I do not see the points added to my balance. Why is that? When I carried out my transaction, I did not have my Iberia Plus card with me. How can I get these points back?  Which Tax Free companies do you work with? What is the Tax Free service about? 

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