Services for Travel Agencies

Your travel agency can offer a premium quality travel money service to your Customers.

Check all the advantages you can offer your Customers or employees by becoming our partner.

Currency exchange services for travel agency Customers

At your travel agency you know well your Customers' needs. Now, when providing them their long-desired trips, you can offer them the currency they need with this Global Exchange turnkey service that will generate additional commissions for you.

Advantages for travel agencies

  • Better conditions for the Customers of your travel agency than for ordinary travellers.
  • Wide choice of currencies (over 70). 
  • Multi-currency prepaid card for your customers (unique in Spain).
  • Flexibility for your customers: payment available via credit card, bank transfer or upon delivery of the currency..
  • Fast delivery, directly to your Customer's home (72 h. max.).
  • Improve your business with Global Exchange offering your Customers a unique service!

How does Corporate currency exchange work?


Enter the Global Exchange portal for travel agencies and choose any amount of foreign currency your Customer needs.


Your Customer will choose how to pay it and where to receive it.


Offer your Customer a premium service.

These are some of the agencies and companies partnering with us:

  • Alianza Grupos Comerciales
  • Grupo Airmet
  • Avasa
  • Carrefour Viajes
  • Cyberagencias. Grupo Cybas
  • Viajes El Corte Inglés
  • Grupo Europa
  • Grupo GEA
  • Halcón Viajes
  • Nautalia
  • Nego Servicios
  • Grupo Qualitas
  • Grupo Star
  • Team Group

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