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Terms and conditions

The future is global, be part of Global Exchange.

The services described below will be provided according to these legal terms and conditions, which include our responsibilities as a provider and your rights and responsibilities as a customer, as well as information relating to reserving foreign currencies for collection in branches, purchasing foreign currency with home delivery and purchasing foreign currency with Post Office delivery. Our Privacy Policy will also apply to the protection of your personal data.

This website is operated by EURODIVISAS, S.A. (hereinafter “Global Exchange”) a company with registered address at Plaza España 3,37480, Fuentes de Oñoro, Salamanca, Spain, with Tax identification number A-37310323. This company is registered with the Register of Foreign Exchange and/or Money Transfer Companies of the Central Bank of Spain under the number 1702 and in the Companies’ Register of Salamanca, sheet 64, company book 145, Page SA-4751, Entry 1.

The terms of use of the websites of EURODIVISAS, S.A. (Global Exchange) are included in the Legal Notice.


Global Exchange offers the following services: foreign currency booking with withdrawal and payment in our branches ("booking with in-branch collection"), foreign currency purchase with home delivery ("home delivery orders") and foreign currency purchase with Post Office delivery ("Post Office delivery orders").


· Description of the Service: With this service, Global Exchange, offers you the possibility to reserve the desired currency in order to be able to withdraw it and pay for it in our branches ("booking with in-branch collection").

· Booking Process: Bookings can be made via telephone, by calling the freephone number 900 855 550, or on our website: globalexchange.es. Bookings through the website can be made in Spanish or English.

Only certain currencies are kept in physical stock, and so bookings can only be made for those available. An estimated time of collection depending on the availability and the place of collection will be given on the website for each currency request.

In any case, the customer must provide a valid ID, as well as an email address and telephone number to enable Global Exchange to contact him/her and duly deliver the booking.

Bookings may be subject to a maximum value per calendar quarter and year.

· Exchange Rate, Fees and Expenses: When placing a booking for in-branch collection, you will be informed by telephone or online about the estimated exchange rate (price), which is variable depending on the chosen collection branch, fees and expenses. The booking will be paid in the indicated branch on the day of collection.

It should be borne in mind that entities authorised to exchange currencies are not obliged to apply official exchange rates and may apply a commercial margin and/or fee.

· Payment method: The amount of the booking will be paid in full, in cash or by card, if this means of payment is enabled, in the chosen branch on the day selected by the user.

· Booking Confirmation: Once you have placed a booking for in-branch collection and after we have accepted it, you will receive a confirmation email with the details of the transaction specifying: the approximate price, additional expenses, the method of payment, the collection address and day and time slot for collection.

In the event that the booking is not accepted by the user, no liability will arise for the user.

· Booking Collections: the booking will be available to pick-up in the branch and on the day indicated in the confirmation email.

The booking will be delivered only to the person who made it, and so the customer must provide a valid ID.

Booking collections will be subject to compliance with the measures of due diligence and internal control applicable in compliance with the Prevention of Money Laundering and Funding of Terrorism Regulations.

· Cancellations: The user may cancel a booking before the chosen pick-up date at the branch has expired. In no case will we charge the user.

To cancel an online booking, the customer must contact Global Exchange’s Customer Service at 900 855 550 as soon as possible, and provide us with his/her booking number.

In any case, Global Exchange will deem the booking as cancelled if the user does not appear at the agreed branch on the pick-up date, or within the next 15 calendar days.

· Returns: Once the booking has been collected, the customer will have 15 calendar days to return it. We will only accept returns of the full amount of the transaction and the same tickets that were issued, identified by their serial number. To make a return, the customer must go to any of our exchange offices in Spain, and provide the original receipt of the exchange transaction.

Returns can be only requested by the person who made the currency exchange transaction, and the person in question will need to provide the same ID document that he/she used for the exchange transaction.

After verifying that the serial numbers of the banknotes match those from the transaction, Global Exchange will refund the corresponding amount. Refunds will be only made in cash.


· Characteristics of the service: The home delivery service is an exclusive service for residents in Spain who are over 18 years old, through which orders can be delivered to particular addresses, provided that they are in mainland Spain or the Balearic Islands.

· Submission of Orders: Orders can be requested via telephone, by calling the freephone number 900 855 550, or through our website: globalexchange.es. Orders through the website can be made in Spanish or English.

Only certain currencies are kept in physical stock, and so orders can only be made for those available. At the time of placing the order, the customer must provide a valid form of identification, an address located in mainland Spain or the Balearic Islands for delivery, as well as an email address and a telephone number for Global Exchange to contact them.

Purchases may be subject to a maximum value per calendar quarter and year.

This maximum value may be modified at any time, although it will not affect orders already accepted.

Additionally, at the time of placing the order, the customer may choose to contract complementary services such as Travel Insurance and Cash Theft.

· Exchange Rates, Fees and Expenses: At the time of placing the order the user will be informed, via phone or on the website, of the applicable exchange rate (price), shipping costs and complementary services selected.

It should be borne in mind that entities authorized to exchange currencies are not obliged to apply official exchange rates and may apply a commercial margin and/ or fees.

· Forms of Payment: The full amount of the order can be paid in the following ways:

Payment by card: We accept payments with VISA, Verified by VISA, MasterCard and MasterCard SecureCode

The card must have been issued by a bank based in Spain.

Payments will only be accepted from cards issued in the name of individuals.

Global Exchange does not apply any additional charge for the use of credit or debit cards for purchases of our products. The user’s credit or debit card issuer may charge them for the use of the card.

Global Exchange, in compliance with the provisions of the regulations applicable to its activity, informs users of:

1. The Global Exchange Customer Service department, which users can contact in order to have their complaints and claims dealt with. To do this, they must write to one of the following addresses:

i. Postal: Eurodivisas, S.A.; Att. Departamento de Atención al Cliente, Calle Primera nº17, Polígono Industrial Montalvo III, Carbajosa de la Sagrada, CP 37188, Salamanca.

2. Email: customer service contact form.

This department will deal with and resolve complaints and claims within one month of receipt.

2. That, once the channel for filing complaints or claims with the Customer Service department referred to in the previous point has been exhausted, there are two additional mechanisms available to the customer:

i. is a Bank Service Customer Protection Commissioner, dependent on the Banco de España. Customers may contact this Commissioner to process any claims regarding actions derived from the company’s activity that may breach the applicable regulations, by contacting the following addresses:

1. Postal: Banco de España, Servicio de Reclamaciones, Calle Alcalá nº50, CP 28014, Madrid.

2. Email: Banco de España.

ii. The Consumer Arbitration System, an instrument that Public Administrations make available to citizens to effectively resolve conflicts and claims that arise in consumer relationships, provided that the conflict is not related to intoxication, injury or death or there are rational indications of crime. You can access all the information related to the Consumer Arbitration System here.

3. Additionally, residents of the European Union may submit their claims through the Platform for Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) created by the European Commission: https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/main/index.cfm?event=main.home.chooseLanguage

4. That Global Exchange is subject to compliance with the regulations on transparency and protection of customers contained in Banco de España Circular No. 6/2001, of 29 October, of Banco de España, Holders of currency exchange establishments, Order ECO/734/2004, of 11 March, on customer service departments and services and the customer ombudsman of financial institutions, Banco de España Circular No. 2/2005, of 25 February, on automated files containing personal data managed by Banco de España, Banco de España Circular 3/2009, of 18 December, to holders of currency exchange establishments, amending Circular 6/2001, of 29 October, on holders of currency exchange establishments and Order ECC/2502/2012, of 16 November, regulating the procedure for lodging complaints with the complaints services of Banco de España, the National Securities Market Commission and the Directorate General of Insurance and Pension Funds.


© EURODIVISAS, S.A.; December, 2021.

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