MasterCard multi-currency prepaid card

We introduce you the safely way to pay abroad: Globalcard

Discover all the benefits and advantages of the Globalcard

Our multi-currency prepaid Globalcard is the safest way to carry your money when travelling abroad, when you go to learn languages (your children or yourself), for pleasure or business. It is the ideal system to buy online controlling the balance in your card.

Enjoy all the benefits and advantages of the Globalcard, for just €9.90!


Enjoy the advantages of our Globalcard:

  • Security: Chip & PIN protection.
  • Get local currency at the ATMs in your destination.
  • Pay safely with GlobalCard wherever MasterCard is accepted.
  • Control your balance: the card is not linked to any bank account.
  • Load Euros into your card from your mobile, tablet or laptop and convert it to other currencies: (US Dollar, Sterling Pound, Swiss Franc and Canadian Dollar).
  • Reload your card with local currency:

    • Control your budget anytime.
    • Forget exchange rate fluctuations: you carry your new currency in your card and you'll be able to buy at the same exchange rate just like any local citizen.
Tarjeta prepago Globalcard
  • EASY TO MANAGE Check your balance and reload your card online.
  • PAY LIKE ANY LOCAL CITIZENWithdraw money and pay anywhere just like a local citizen.
  • FREEZE YOUR EXCHANGE RATE Avoid surprises. Withdraw money with your card at the same exchange rate of the date on which you reloaded.
  • 100% SAFESafer than carrying cash. Block your card with a simple SMS message.
  • NO NEED TO LINK IT TO YOUR BANK ACCOUNT Very easy to register. Ideal for students.

Globalcard prepaid card

Travel and pay safe in any destination for just 9.90 euros.

Our MasterCard multi-currency prepaid card is accepted worldwide as safe payment, protected with a security PIN.